Earth Moccasin


A 'moccasin' is an Indigenous word for 'shoe or slipper'. Our ancestors originally designed these hide moccasins to wear outside in the summer. Now as a contemporary Métis company, Manitobah Mukluks continue the tradition by combining modern techniques and materials to make functional moccasins for outdoor urban environments. The foot bed is unlined and breathable and the sole was made in partnership wi

Button Shawl – Eagle


Button Shawl - Eagle by Paul Windsor

Wear Haisla, Heiltsuk artist, Paul Windsor's beautiful Eagle design with this beautiful Native Origins Button Shawl.
Product Features:
  • Individually packaged in an elegant black gift box with clear window.
  • 80% viscose / 20%

Button Shawl – Hummingbird


Fly away in this beautiful jacquard woven Native Origins Button Shawl featuring Hummingbirds by Coast Salish artist, Francis Horne Sr. "We proudly share the warmth and the love of this shawl which features my art. Shawls represent blankets which are used to protect and honour our people in our ceremonies.

Button Shawl – Thunderbird and Whale


Button Shawl - Thunderbird and Whale by Maynard Johnny Jr.
The sea and sky come together in Salish, Kwakwaka'wakw artist, Maynard Johnny Jr.'s Thunderbird and Whale button shawl design. "In Northwest Coast culture the thunderbird and whale represent the strength of our traditions. This button shawl honours our ancestors and I am proud that i

Button Shawl – Wolf


Strong formline is the feature of Haida artist, Gordon White's Wolf button shawl design.
"Our art is central to our culture and speaks to who we are as a people. Art on textiles is central to our traditions and our ceremonies. I appreciate Native Northwest sharing my designs

Sacred Shawl – Spirit Wolf


Native Origins Sacred Shawls are shawls with a purpose. Partial proceeds from the Sacred Shawl Collection will support organizations that support women and children. We stand together to protect, bring healing, and build awareness to end violence against women.

  • Featuring Spirit Wolf by Northern Tutchone, Dene artist, Justien Senoa Wood
  • Measures 77" x 28"; viscose/acrylic

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